Controlled Release

Nutricote Standard Pink 180 Day - 19.1 : 0* : 11.9

Standard (N:P:K) controlled release fertiliser (CRF)


This particular formulation of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium is designed for the optimum growth and performance of flowering plants and plants requiring higher levels of potassium during their growing season;

  • Superior control of nutrient release over 180 days
  • Formulation designed for phosphate intolerant natives
  • Reliable release curve over varying temperatures
  • Nutrient release matches plant needs over longer term
  • NPK ratio developed for Proteaceae species
  • High in potassium for improved flowering

Nutrient release is matched to plant needs, ie. in winter when temperatures fall, plant growth slows and lower levels of nutrients are required, while the rate of nutrient release also slows in response to lower temperatures; Technical support and advice is available for all Nutricote products; Nutricote is manufactured to the highest quality standards.

*Due to manufacturing processes there could be residual levels of phosphorus contained in this product.

How It Works

Nutricote controlled release fertiliser (CRF) consists of granules (prills) of fertiliser that have been polymer coated. Each prill contains NPK and depending on the formulation, may contain trace elements as well. After prills are applied to potting mix or soil, water vapour starts to penetrate into the coating. The nutrients inside are dissolved and an osmotic pressure is formed, followed by gradual and controlled release of the nutrients. Nutrients are continually released during the stated longevity. The rate of release is determined by soil temperature. As soil temperature increases, the rate at which nutrients are released also increases.

Directions for use

Nutricote is suitable for application to both container grown and field grown plants. Nutricote can be applied in 3 ways -

  • Incorporation through potting mix or soil, before planting;
  • Dibble application, whereby fertiliser is placed beneath or to the side of the rootball when potting up;
  • Topdressing, whereby fertiliser is applied around the plant on the surface of the potting mix or soil, at any time of the life of the crop.

Application rates can vary from 5g/l up to 7g/l of growing media. The application rate is determined by the longevity of the product used, container and plant size, planting time, the growing season of the crop and even the application method (ie. dibble application rates are generally 15 – 20% lower than incorporation or topdress rates). Always refer to Nutricote label recommendations before use.


Always read label recommendations before use. Do not dibble apply products with longevity ratings of 70 days or less, as the high concentration of nutrients released into a limited volume of potting mix can damage plants in high or fluctuating temperatures.

Additional Information

The release rate of Nutricote products are based on an average day/night soil temperature of 25 degrees Celsius. During the months when temperatures are consistently higher than this, release occurs more quickly, while in the cooler months the release rate is reduced. This characteristic is entirely predictable.